We’re a proven, full-service recycler of metals, minerals and other materials.

Efficient operations, great service and competitive prices add up to real value. Comax value.

Bigger is not better.

Do you ever feel like your recycler doesn't need the business? At Comax, your business is important. We’re smaller. Hungrier. With lower overhead and no legacy costs, we can offer the most competitive pricing you’ll get anywhere. And we don’t use slick sales gimmicks—we know it’s pricing and great service that builds relationships.

Managing the whole recycling process—professionally.

Comax can manage the entire recycling process. Comax trucks make the pick-up with guaranteed 24-hour service. We provide the containers. We process the material and get it to our buyers. And we pay promptly.

At Comax, we believe in professional, ethical business practices. We don’t buy from individuals. We don’t pay cash. There’s a paper trail on everything we pick up. It’s the only way we do business.